Total Annihilation Description Page

Total Annihilation is a real time strategy game about the battle between the ruminants of two empires armies, the Core and the Arm. Here's the Official Game Story.

The 3D graphics in Total Annihilation are awesome. Even though the game is 10 years old. You control the battle form a birds eye view and have over 150 Different unit at your command to build and send in to battle. Units for land, Sea and Sky. You get Kbots(Robot for core, Battle Suits with clones as pilots for Arm), Tanks, Aircraft, Hovercraft, and Naval units. The Hovercraft come from the The Core Contingency Expansion Pack. You can fight on Lave covered planets, Vast Desert world, water worlds, forest worlds, Metal worlds and even Moons.

The Two Main Unit in the game are the Commander Units, these are you, they can't be built unless you have a unofficial unit file and they still cost you an Arm and leg to build, so protect them at all cost. When you start up a game ether in Multiplier, Skirmish, or Campaign you normal start out with nothing but a Commander unit. They have the ability to build basic structures and then you can build more complex Construction Units, and other armed Units. The Commander Units are the only armed Construction units in the game. In the Side Frame I have links to all the Official pages for Total Annihilation and all it's Expansion Packs.