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Okay time for an update. First off, this site is now on my webhost and will be so from this point forward. I'll be taking it off of Fortunecity soon. Also I'll be try to bring this outpost out of moth balls abd back online.

The first step was of course uploading it to my own webhost instead of the piece of crap Fortunecity.

Next I'll be the redesign the site to get ride of the frames, and about every thing else for the crap site. Look forward to a site you can actualy read and see without getting a head ache. The first part of that is the new color scheme you see here. It's only on this and the unit page for now since I'm going to do a compelete site rebuild anyways. Going to try to get that done and out of the way tonight and tommorow.

Finally my family is moving and I'll have no net connection as of Thursday. I'll be spending 2 to possible 4 weeks in a Hotel room till we can find a house that suits our needs (hard to find a house where we can keep our 3 dogs).

Since I'll be sitting there with my machine for those 2-4 weeks with nothing to do beside game and watch my terabyte of anime I decide to redo the models for the Destiny hand and Death's Hand. I'll also be working on two maps Watery Canyon and The Beach as well as my unnamed hovering Battleship, trying to get them all done. Since this means 3 new models (one each for the battleShip, destiny and death) and two maps not sure if it'll get done but going to try to. I'll give an update as soon as I can, would like to get The Beach done before I lose my connection on Thursday.

Here's screen shots for the Watery canyone and the unnamed hovering Battleship


I still around hehe. Just been busy one other things. If you want to see what other things here are links to all my current websites.

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3-3-01  StarDruid

Well all things are not going well. I haven't had a chance to work on any of my units for a while. So I'm going to shut this place down for now. Cybertown (A ONline 3D world and reality) video games and Real life are just taking to much time. Once School starts again and I find how my time is like I might start back up then. This place though will stay up even though it will be dormant. I not about to tear down even on of my sites.

7-31-00 StarDruid

Well I haven't got any further on the units. I final got a cable modem and have been playing Quake Team Fortress & Mech Warrior 2. I did fix a problem on the unit page thought. The Core Anti-matter cannon hover platform link was accessing the Arm one. That's fixed now. I'll get the unit out sooner or later, but it's going to be a while.

7-3-00 StarDruid

Sorry for the long time between updates but I start playing Mech Warrior 2 again. Their just something about hand to hand combat in 'Mechs. The Good news thought is I'm curretly working on two other units. An Arm Weapons Plaform and Arm Soul Sphere. I got most of their model done and will start work on the Core Models next. The core will get a another Hovercraft instead of a Soul sphere. I'm think of making it a Annihilator carrying on. It will have it's own custom Annihilator weapon though if I do make it so. The Arm soul sphere will be welding a Lightning weapon. And the Arm and Core weapons platform will have Plasma cannons and Missle pods. They'll basicly be Hover Ships and there for large. This mean another 4 units comming.

Now the bad news, the 4 new units, The Fate, Watery Fate, NR-1, and NR-2 will be delayed. A problem I thought was fixed seems to not be and I can't seem to find out what causing it.

The problem is that every time I try to build the Core unit's the Hover plant opens up to start building then the game crashes. This happened before with the Arm version because I forgot to change their COB file's names to the unit's new names. This is not the problem with the core version. All the file are there this time and correctly named.

Until I get it fixed both versions won't be comming out. Sorry but I'm not going to post only one sides Units. I'll update you all on their status again when I final find out what the problem is and fix it.

Well all almost down with the Arm Fate. I decide to make Two versions of it. On version, Watery Fate, has the Arm Destroyer cannon and Two Torpedoes. The Fate now has the Core Goliath Cannon and two big Missiles.

Also I'm working on the core versions. They will all be coming out with each other. Like the Arm Versions They use the same model but their textured differently. Here's a pic of the Arm version.

In the Pic it show it has two barrels but I'm redoing them and giving it only one Barrel. I'll redo the Build pics after I do.
Well later

6-25-00 StarDruid
Yet another Update of my pages. The Weapon's Ranges for the Two Anti-Matter hovers has been add to the unit page as well as Each unit's Maximum Damage. Also the Core Death's hand has been revised. It now had a little more armor. It's lesser speed was real not balanced with it's armor.  Both units are now Version 2.0. Click on ether of the pics below to download the new versions or you can get them from the Unit page.

Also I'd like to ask anyone who is using the Destiny's Hand and Death's Hand to please Send me a emial if you have the time about what you think of them. Does the Core version Need more Armor, the Arm version more speed? Or any thing else you want to say about them. And I mean anything, If you think they suck tell me. You can send me an emial by click here Here or send it to bigbadstm@yahoo.com

I still havn't finished the Arm Fate yet. Still working on it's model.

6-24-00 StarDruid
Well patterns, it's here. Core Anti-Matter cannon, Death's hand. It's available on the Unit page. It is just a little slower then the Arm Version, cost more metal and less energy with a little more armor. They do share the same weapon so no new Weapon ID. The Weapon has been Revised thought. It's energy per shot is now 2000 with Blast Radius of 96. The Arm fate is delayed to to modeling problems. I'm still learning to use the program I have. I would prefer 3d Studio and Autocad light or regular but don't have them. What next after the Arm Fate? Soul Spheres of course. Their just scout chaise based ones, not the the Indestructible ones.

The units are now on the Unit page. Or Click on ether of their pics, their in the same file now.

6-22-00 StarDruid
2 more Units coming. The first be the Arm Fate. It's a Torpedo and Plasma cannon Platform. It actual just a Plane that hover in the place that can drop torpedoes like a Torpedo bomber and a light plasma cannon on top for defense. It will be low flying and looks okay. I'm currently finishing the model up and then making it's build pic. After their done you see them here. After that I will be making the Core Death's Hand. Core final convinced me, StarDruid, to make a Anti-Matter cannon hover platform for them.  Also a Revision of the Arm Destiny's Hand is coming out, most likely with the Arm Fate. It's weapon's energy per shot cost will be going down but so will it's blast radius. They'll be: Energy per shot: 2000 Blast: 96. Also my next update will bring a Unit page for my units. My fixed Senshi StarShip packs will have their own pages.

6-17-00 StarDruid
Well all I've final update. I've final got around to changing this place name. It's now Total Annihilation Shadow Outpost. I also final got rid of my Non-frame page. You can still see them by click here. Also I've post my first unit.  The Arm Destiny's Hand. Note: It's not on the unit page yet.  You will be hearing about it in TA Universe's The Story Place. in the latest battle very soon.

6-24-00 Note: Destiny's Hand can now be found on the unit page. It's history is now on it own page.

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